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Sowé Lab

Meeting with Thien Doan, co-founder

Thien began his career at Orange Dominicana.
In a few years, he took on the role of product marketing director, and at the age of 27, he became the marketing director.
He eventually left the corporate world to become the VP of Marketing at an Internet Service Provider and founded his first startup at the age of 30.
Subsequently, he went on to create several companies, secured multiple fundraising rounds, and simultaneously made investments.
In 2015, he embarked on a three-year journey with his family.
He arrived in Lisbon in 2018 and met Loïc Steinbach in 2020, which is how the Sowé project came to life.

Sowé Lab, could you briefly introduce it?

When I met Loïc, both of us had a desire for a different project, in the wellness and beauty industry.
We quickly became interested in CBD because it is a powerful ingredient with recognized properties and strong promises in both wellness and beauty.

Sowé is an entrepreneurial project in line with ourselves and our values.
We wanted to create a wellness brand with minimalist formulas and effective ingredients.
Eco-friendly products that are good for individuals and good for the planet.

We completed our first pre-seed fundraising a few months ago, closed in record time (with 6 investors, including 4 successful entrepreneurs).
After a year of work, this first fundraising allows us to enter the launch phase of Sowé and develop various sales channels.

How did the collaboration with Joongle come about?

Joongle was recommended to us by several entrepreneur friends.
After meeting with 3 firms, Joongle's approach particularly appealed to us.
Their proximity, and of course being a French-speaking firm, are two strong points in their support.
Accounting and taxation are technical subjects with significant stakes.
We were looking for a partner capable of handling these matters with a lot of transparency, simplicity, and freeing us from any complexity.

What areas does Joongle support you in?

At this stage of our project, we have relatively little volume on the purely accounting side.
However, we frequently have administrative or HR-related questions.
We may need advice on our contracts, salaries, or assistance with financial optimization.
Joongle is a real asset in these areas.

How is your daily relationship with Joongle?

We frequently have questions for Joongle, and we appreciate their responsiveness and their multi-channel approach.
When we send a question via email, our account manager gets back to us very quickly, and she is available on WhatsApp, by phone, or via email.
Our interactions are straightforward, pleasant, and efficient, allowing us to stay focused on our issues without wasting time.

What makes Joongle so unique?

Their organization, flexibility, and customized approach (not to mention the fact that they are French speakers).
We feel that Joongle is 'integrated' into our startup.
We are not yet a very important client in terms of revenue, but that does not limit them from giving us less attention.
The fact that they support us at this stage of the project, where we need it with a lot of agility, is of great value.

How would you describe Joongle?

They are a true partner, present in accounting, administrative, financial, and legal matters on a daily basis.