Rua Pinheiro Chagas Nº 17, 3º Esq, Avenidas Novas, 1050-174 Lisboa
(+351) 211 996 109

Experts in Corporate Finance, Management and Accounting

We stand by the leaders of startups, SMEs, and large companies in Portugal.
We support them in French, English, or Portuguese in fulfilling their accounting and tax obligations and in the financial management of their business.

More than just numbers specialists

We have a comprehensive understanding of the company and its challenges, allowing us to anticipate certain needs. We offer tailored support to create or strengthen your company in Portugal with confidence.
Luís Louceiro
CEO of Joongle

Our team

One of Joongle's unique features lies in its organization. An organization centered around our clients.
We wanted to break away from the traditional model and offer a different, more human and modern approach.
Our digital expertise enables us, among other things, to have seamless and simplified communications.

To better serve our client-centric culture and provide tailored support with agility,
we have created two teams:

One team entirely dedicated to the daily support of our clients,
and a technical team consisting of experienced accountants.

Our Account Managers

Designed to oversee and support our clients, the team is composed of Paula Texeira and Diana Faria.
Both multilingual, they are the preferred contacts of our clients, accompanying them daily and maintaining close communication with our technical team.

Key Account ManagerPaula Cruz Teixeira

Langues: Portugais, Français, Anglais

Key Account ManagerDiana Da Cunha

Langues : Portugais, Français

Our technical team

Led by Luís Louceiro, the technical team also includes Vera Almeida, Iana Zagaevschi, and Andreia Almeida. The technical team handles the accounting, tax, HR, and financial aspects of our clients.

Our values

Our success is first and foremost linked to that of our clients.


Our demand for excellence extends to both the expertise we provide to our clients and the strength of our commitment at every stage of the project, as well as its rigorous follow-up.
Our culture of exigency embodies both substance and style. It is motivating for our team members and a guarantee of development.


Listening to our clients, connected to their reality and challenges, we build a long-lasting relationship of trust with them. Our ability to anticipate, our proximity, and unwavering availability enable us to provide the best support for them.


Our ethics serve our clients. We honor our commitments and ensure advice is given solely in the best interests of our clients. Our mindset is based on respect and honesty.


Sincere and transparent in our relationships, we communicate with the utmost clarity. Whether it's about your support needs, obligations, our fees, or deadlines, we respond to you with transparency and work in complete trust.

"The desire to support the performance of leaders."
Joongle is led by Luís Louceiro, a Certified Accountant with extensive experience in Financial Management, Administrative Management, and Human Resources. The firm was created with the desire to support the performance of leaders, doing so with agility, rigor, and friendliness.
A personalized support methodology
We offer a personalized approach, processes, and collaborative tools that allow us to fully support our clients. Our support method and seamless communication enable us to deeply understand our clients' business and challenges. Organized around the client, the firm consists of a technical team and a team dedicated to client relations and project follow-up.
Our ability to work in an international environment
Our team is young and multilingual. Experienced, they are perfectly comfortable working in an international environment and have great adaptability.
Digital expertise
As a player in transformation, we have tools to facilitate work and communication with our clients, including remotely. We can also recommend tools or apps to facilitate interactions, especially between e-commerce companies and certified Portuguese programs.
Our network of experts
We have a broad network of experts capable of addressing our clients' cross-cutting issues (lawyers, insurers, customs brokers, marketing...).
Agility and anticipation
They are based on four pillars inherently present in Joongle's DNA: human, organizational, relational, and technological.

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