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Clients cases

Sowé Lab

Sowé is a wellness and beauty brand created in 2021 by Thien Doan and Loïc Stenbach. With its first round of funding in 2022, the startup is entering its launch phase and preparing to expand its sales channels internationally. Discover how Joongle has been supporting it since the beginning, addressing administrative, HR, and financial optimization matters.

Daily & Co

Daily & Co offers an all-in-one e-commerce gateway, enabling B2B players to sell to consumers by integrating the entire digital distribution chain, including marketplaces. Financially supported twice, Daily & Co is entering a Series A fundraising phase to accelerate its development. Joongle's expertise in e-commerce and the all-in-one approach, as well as its proximity, are among the reasons why Daily & Co has chosen the firm.

Envie de Lisbonne

"Envie de Lisbonne" offers turnkey support services to facilitate your installation and investment in Portugal. The company provides services ranging from apartment hunting to a comprehensive relocation package. Founded in 2019 by Jean Luc Paulhe, "Envie de Lisbonne" is already a successful entrepreneurial venture. Discover how Joongle supports its daily growth challenges.