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Daily & Co

Meeting with
François Nieuwlaet,
CEO of Daily & Co

François' career is characterized by two major directions.

The first one comprises multiple experiences in the consumer goods and retail industry, where François held commercial and marketing responsibilities, notably within multinational companies such as Coca Cola.

The second direction is focused on entrepreneurship.
Indeed, before founding Daily & Co, François had already created two startups. These companies were born from the world of distribution and marketplaces, with the first one being established at the age of 25.

It is these diverse experiences that led him to create Daily & Co.

How did the Daily & Co project come about?

After working in the fast-moving consumer goods and distribution sectors, my observation was clear: it is quite simple to sell through a single distribution channel in one country, but when you multiply channels and countries, complexity intensifies, both in terms of organization and IT or marketing needs.

There were multiple third-party applications available for online product distribution, but there was no one-stop-shop solution in Europe.

That's what we offer today through DAILY&CO.

We have created a hybrid solution that combines human expertise with proprietary technologies dedicated to integrating the entire digital distribution chain for our clients. A 100% outsourced solution.

Our clients are primarily manufacturers selling their products with a Business-to-Business model. We offer them a 360° one-stop-shop solution for selling to consumers across all digital channels, including marketplaces. We integrate Direct To Consumer logistics: we store the products, list them for sale, handle delivery, billing, and provide after-sales and customer service.

The project began to take shape in 2018 and resulted in a fully operational solution ready for commercialization in 2021. We received financial support twice, first in love money and then in Seed funding, totaling around 500,000 euros.

What are your medium and long-term objectives?

In the medium term, we aim to create the largest European digital distribution network by unifying as many marketplaces as possible into a single channel for our partners.

To date, we have aggregated around thirty marketplaces in eight European countries, representing more than 1.5 billion visitors per month.

Every month, we continue to onboard specialist and generalist marketplaces and strengthen our presence in key countries like Germany and the UK.

Our short-term objectives are to continue increasing the traction of our business model by acquiring 25 new clients in 2022, bringing the total to 40 clients and achieving €6 million in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume). To achieve this, we need to expand our team in IT and sales functions.

Furthermore, we are entering a Series A funding round to accelerate this development.

When did you start working with Joongle?

We started working with Joongle in 2020 after a painful first experience with a larger structure.

Jongle has solid expertise in our market and that's what attracted us.
The human scale of the firm is also very much appreciated, it simplifies communication and exchanges and it's also much more in tune with our own structure.

What were your needs?

Our needs were quite complex in view of our multi-country business. Before the European OSS changeover, we were managing VAT returns in each of the countries in which we sold our products.

Joongle supported and advised us on sensitive projects where the stakes were high, such as :
- VAT returns,
- Compliance with Portuguese financial requirements,
- Stock management in European warehouses,
- Brexit,
or the transition to the single window...

What do you expect from your accountancy firm?

Given the project and the challenges we face, our accountancy firm needs to have a real understanding of our business, our world, its scope and its implications.

We were looking for a degree of pro-activity, advice and serious support to meet our needs and even anticipate them.
Joongle demonstrated its expertise in the field and supported us in a highly professional manner.

Today, we have confidence in our accountant, who is a true partner.
We talk regularly and organise specific meetings when necessary.

What areas is Joongle working with you on today?

The big issue at the moment is the one-stop shop.
The One Stop Shop became operational on 1 July 2021.
This system, provided by the tax authorities in each country, aims to simplify and harmonise procedures in the EU for the purposes and delivery of collected VAT.

Joongle advised us on the financial structure to be put in place and, in more operational terms, Joongle's role was to control the perimeter within which Daily & Co operates.

They must, among other things:

  • Identify all e-commerce platforms on which we sell products, as well as the countries to which the products are shipped.
  • Verify that the VAT (Value Added Tax) charged to the customer complies with the VAT rates of the destination country.
  • Submit a detailed VAT declaration specifying sales (base amount + VAT) for each VAT rate and each EU country.

What makes Joongle different?

For us, what made all the difference was the firm's expertise in specific e-commerce issues, as well as its proximity.
Our relationship is simple, human and our exchanges are almost instantaneous.

Two words to describe Joongle?

Closeness and Humanity